Andrej Karpathy Left OpenAI

Andrej Karpathy, a prominent AI researcher, has left his position at OpenAI, a leading AI lab. This was confirmed by an OpenAI spokesperson.

Karpathy was working on developing an AI assistant product and worked closely with OpenAI's research chief, Bob McGrew.

This exit comes nearly a year after Karpathy rejoined OpenAI, which he had announced on Twitter in February 2023.

At OpenAI, Karpathy's work was part of broader efforts to create AI software capable of automating complex tasks.

Karpathy is well known in AI circles for his work at OpenAI and Tesla, where he led the Autopilot self-driving program until July 2022.

His 5 years at Tesla significantly contributed to advancements in their autonomous driving technology.

After leaving Tesla, Karpathy created educational content on neural networks before rejoining OpenAI.

Karpathy has been recognized for innovations in deep learning and computer vision over his career.