Mozilla's reorganization and increased focus on trustworthy AI

Layoffs and reduction in number of supported products to prioritize resources on areas with greatest chance of success like Firefox Mobile

Stepping back from projects like Mastodon-based social platform, consumer privacy products, and Hubs 3D virtual worlds due to lack of interest and demand

Turning attention to AI given rapid changes in industry landscape and potential for AI to reshape personal technology

Seeing opportunity to bring trustworthy AI into Firefox, building on Fakespot acquisition and integration work

Integrating Pocket, Content, and AI/ML teams supporting content into Firefox organization

Exploring a variety of AI projects through Innovation Week to shape future of technology with focus on trustworthy AI

Committing $30M to launch startup and community focused on open-source and trustworthy AI ecosystem

Seeking projects at intersection of AI and environmental justice through Mozilla Technology Fund

Movement building work largely focused on developing trustworthy AI, emphasizing human agency and corporate accountability