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How Knowledge Graphs Help AI and Data Science

The Role of Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge graphs have become really important in AI and Data Science. They help store and find organized information. They’re like maps that show how things are connected and this makes it easier to find and understand data.

A knowledge graph is a special way of showing information. It has parts called nodes, edges, and properties. Nodes are like pieces of information, edges show how they’re related, and properties tell more about them. The smallest part of a knowledge graph is called a triple. It’s made up of three things: a main thing, a connection, and another thing.

To make a knowledge graph, we use tricks to take out information from different sources and put it together. We use special computer methods- Natural language processing (NLP) to take out important things and see how they’re linked in sentences. This helps us make a knowledge graph from a lot of text without doing everything by hand.

After we make a knowledge graph, we can use it in different ways. For example, we can use it to suggest things or answer questions. We can also turn the information into numbers and use it to guess new connections between things. We can even draw pictures to help us understand the information better.

Even though knowledge graphs are really useful, there are still some problems. Making really big knowledge graphs is hard to do manually. And sometimes, the information we get from text isn’t completely right, so our knowledge graph might not be perfect.

In the end, knowledge graphs are great tools for sorting out and using information in AI and Data Science. They can help us find data, understand it, and make smart guesses. But we still need to work on making them better and dealing with the challenges they have.

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