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AI Assistants Poised to Go Mainstream, Transforming Office Work

As AI assistants handling basic work expand, some roles like entry-level data analyst or assistant accountant may dwindle. However new hybrid positions like “AI trainer” or “automation workflow manager” are likely to emerge. Preparing for such shifts with proper workforce planning and reskilling will be crucial in the years ahead.
A woman using AI for Personalizing Marketing Campaigns

Why AI is the Perfect Solution for Personalizing Marketing Campaigns

AI is the perfect solution for personalizing marketing campaigns. It helps marketers create customized, relevant experiences for customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, increased conversion rates, and revenue. AI also allows marketers to save time, money, and resources and scale their personalization efforts across channels and segments.
How to use AI for Financial Success in 2023 and Beyond

How to use AI for Financial Success in 2023 and Beyond

In recent times, it seems like everyone has been sounding the alarm about the impending AI revolution, suggesting that we’re all on the brink of major disruptions. However, before we dismiss these claims entirely, let’s dive deeper into what the…