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Top Undisclosed AI Acquisitions of 2023

Throughout 2023, several undisclosed acquisitions took place in the realm of AI startups. Here's a rundown of these.

Companies are gearing up for an AI-powered future, with everyone wanting a piece of the AI pie.

In 2023, big tech companies went on a buying spree, snapping up AI startups left and right. This trend was all about boosting their tech skills and reaching more customers. It shows that AI isn’t just an extra feature—it’s becoming a central part of where tech is headed.

Throughout 2023, several undisclosed acquisitions took place in the realm of AI startups.


Each acquisition had its unique focus, from enhancing AI capabilities in specific industries to improving user experiences in various tech-driven fields. Financial details were undisclosed for these acquisitions.

Here’s a rundown of the year’s Undisclosed AI Acquisitions:

Acquiring CompanyAcquired CompanyPurpose of Acquisition
AdobeRephrase AIAI-powered video creation tools
AmazonSnackable AIAudio content discovery
Amazon Web ServicesFig.ioCloud-based IDE enhancement
AMDNod.aiOpen-source AI software
AMDMipsologyAI inference for devices
AppleWaveOneAI-based video compression
NvidiaOmniMLMachine learning model compression
SnowflakeMyst AIAI for energy sector
SnowflakePonderPython-based data science

Adobe’s Acquisitions:

Rephrase AI: Adobe’s undisclosed acquisition of Rephrase AI aims to simplify video editing with AI-powered tools.

Amazon’s Acquisitions:

Fig.io: Amazon’s acquisition of Fig.io seeks to enhance its cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE), although financial details remain undisclosed.

Snackable AI: Amazon’s undisclosed acquisition of Snackable AI bolsters audio content discovery for Amazon Music, leveraging natural language processing (NLP).

AMD’s Acquisitions:

Nod.ai: AMD’s acquisition of Nod.ai aims to advance its open-source AI software capabilities, though the financial terms were not disclosed.

Mipsology: AMD’s undisclosed acquisition of Mipsology reinforces its AI inference for embedded devices, particularly in edge computing applications.

Apple’s Acquisitions:

WaveOne: In March 2023, Apple acquired WaveOne to optimize AI-based video compression, catering to streaming services and device storage requirements. Financial terms remain undisclosed.

Nvidia’s Acquisitions:

OmniML: Nvidia’s undisclosed acquisition of OmniML focuses on compressing machine learning models for efficient edge device performance.

Snowflake’s Acquisitions:

Myst AI: Snowflake’s undisclosed acquisition of Myst AI strengthens its AI prowess in energy sector forecasting, despite the undisclosed purchase amount.

Ponder: Snowflake’s undisclosed acquisition of Ponder aims to boost Python-based data science in its ecosystem.

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