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New Startup Myvox Offers Singers AI Voice for Music Creation

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Turn Your Voice into Music: Myvox’s Awesome Idea

A company from the UK called Myvox, started by musicians Arianna Broderick (also known as Maeve) and John Clancy, has made a tool for singers to let computers copy their voices. These ai voices or computer voices can be used by regular people to make their own songs. But, if you want to sell these songs, you have to pay for Myvox’s special membership that costs $14.99 per month while it’s being tested.

Myvox takes care of putting the songs on music streaming sites and shares the money they make with the original singers. The first computer/ai voice from Myvox, called Dahlia, was made by an artist named Sevdaliza. They share the money they earn from it equally.

Myvox is like other new companies that are also trying to do similar things. There’s one called VoiceSwap, which was started by a musician named DJ Fresh, and another called CreateSafe, which is helping the artist Grimes with her own ai voice. These companies are all looking at how ai voices can be used in making music and getting it out to people.

The idea of using computer/ai voices in music lets singers make money and find new listeners. But it also makes us wonder if songs made with computers are real. Myvox and the other companies are part of this new idea, giving tools to singers and regular people so they can use computer technology (commonly called ai or artificial intelligence) for making music.

Right now, Myvox is just starting out and trying things in a testing phase.

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Steve Rick
Steve Rick

Steve Rick is an AI researcher and author. He specializes in natural language processing(NLP). He published articles on the transformative power of AI.