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OpenAI’s Leadership Shift: Mira Murati Takes Helm as Interim CEO

Mira Murati, OpenAI's Chief Technology Officer, becomes interim CEO immediately, leveraging five years of expertise to guide the company through this transition.
Mira Murati, the Chief Technology Officer at OpenAI, has been appointed as the interim CEO

OpenAI, a pioneering force in artificial intelligence (AI), is undergoing a significant leadership change. Following a decision by the board of directors, Sam Altman, CEO and board member, will be departing from the company. This departure follows a careful review by the board, citing concerns about consistent communication hindering their oversight responsibilities.

In response to this transition, Mira Murati, the Chief Technology Officer at OpenAI, has been appointed as the interim CEO, effective immediately. Murati, with a five-year tenure at OpenAI, has been instrumental in its growth as a global AI leader. Her expertise spans the company’s core functions, including research, product development, and safety protocols. Notably, her experience in AI governance and policy positions her as a fitting choice to guide the company during this transitional phase.


The board expressed gratitude for Altman’s contributions in the establishment and expansion of OpenAI but emphasized the need for new leadership aligned with the company’s evolving goals. Highlighting Murati’s qualifications and familiarity with all aspects of the organization, the board displayed confidence in her ability to steer OpenAI forward.

Moreover, in a bid to ensure continuity, Greg Brockman, the current chairman of the board, will step down from his position but will maintain his role within the company, reporting directly to the CEO.

Founded as a non-profit in 2015, OpenAI’s mission remains centered on leveraging artificial general intelligence for the benefit of humanity. The restructuring in 2019 allowed the organization to seek capital while preserving its nonprofit ethos, governance, and oversight. The board, predominantly composed of independent members without equity stakes, underscores its commitment to advancing OpenAI’s mission and upholding its founding principles.


The search for a permanent CEO is already underway, affirming the board’s dedication to securing the right leadership for the company’s future. The board comprises distinguished figures in the AI and technology sphere, including OpenAI’s chief scientist, independent directors from Quora, technology entrepreneurship, and security and emerging technology experts.

This transition marks a pivotal moment for OpenAI, signaling a strategic shift in leadership geared toward propelling the organization further in its pursuit of AI advancement for the greater good.

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Steve Rick
Steve Rick

Steve Rick is an AI researcher and author. He specializes in natural language processing(NLP). He published articles on the transformative power of AI.