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Rabbit r1 AI: A $199 AI Device Changing How We Use Apps

This device, r1, aims to simplify your digital life, operating as a standalone device to streamline your tasks across different apps without the complexity of multiple interfaces.
Rabbit r1 AI
Rabbit r1 AI

Yesterday, a company called rabbit Inc. from Santa Monica introduced a cool new gadget called r1. It’s a smart device that uses AI to do stuff for you without needing lots of apps. The company says it’ll make things easier because it understands what you want to do and helps you do it faster.

The r1 runs on a special operating system called rabbit OS. This OS uses something called Large Action Model (LAM), which is a fancy tech that learns how people use their apps and copies that to help you out. It’s like having a helpful friend who knows how to use all your apps and can do things for you.

This r1 device costs $199, and you can order it now, but it’ll start shipping in late March 2024.

The CEO of rabbit, Jesse Lyu, thinks this is a big deal because it’ll change how we work with machines. He says we’ve got so many apps on our phones that don’t work well together, making things confusing for us. But with r1, they want to make it all easy and simple by using AI.

Key Features of r1:

  • Large Action Model (LAM): Foundation of r1, mimics human actions on computer interfaces, allowing for seamless interaction.
  • rabbit OS: First OS built on LAM; operates “rabbits” (personal AI agents) to perform tasks across apps.
  • Ease of Use: Operates most digital tasks, supports popular apps, and allows users to train their own rabbits.

Device Specifications:

  • Design: Compact, portable, and designed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering.
  • Features: Touchscreen display, push-to-talk button, and advanced camera system.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and cellular options, MediaTek Helio P35 processor, 128 GB storage, USB-C port, all-day battery.

Privacy and Responsibility:

  • Data Security: No storing of user credentials; compliance with industry standards for data security.
  • User Control: Users have control over linked services and can delete stored data.
  • Privacy Features: Physical lens block on camera, microphone only active when the user activates it.

The rabbit OS on r1 can do a bunch of things, even the complex ones like planning trips or shopping online. And it’ll work with most popular apps from the start. Later on, you might even be able to teach it to do specific things on apps it doesn’t know yet.

They also made sure it’s safe to use. You can control what it does and doesn’t have access to, and it doesn’t save your private info or passwords.

The r1 device itself is small, like a stack of sticky notes, and weighs very little. It’s got a touchscreen, a button to talk to it, and a cool camera that moves around. Even though it’s small, it’s powerful enough to do a lot of things quickly.

They made sure it’s private and secure too. It won’t listen unless you press a button, and the camera is hidden when you’re not using it. And the best part? You don’t need to pay every month to use it after buying it for $199.

The company, rabbit Inc., is all about making AI simple and useful for regular people. They’ve got a team of smart folks who’ve worked on AI before and have some investors backing them up, including big names like Khosla Ventures and KAKAO Investment.

A new AI device from Rabbit Inc., designed to simplify online experiences by navigating apps efficiently using rabbit OS.

Powered by the Large Action Model (LAM), it mimics human actions on apps, making tasks easier without needing multiple apps.

Compact design, touchscreen, personal AI agents called “rabbits,” and advanced camera and connectivity options.

Rabbit Inc. prioritizes user privacy, with no storage of credentials, user-controlled data deletion, and physical lens blocks for privacy.

Priced at $199, pre-sales are open now, with US shipping starting in late March and global shipping later.

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