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What’s Happening with AI in 2024?

AI is like a super-fast learner this year, becoming smarter in handling images, videos, and texts—chatbots will soon be multitasking wizards, doing math, solving problems, and even helping robots work better.
What's Happening with AI in 2024?
AI chatbots will soon understand pictures and videos, becoming all-in-one helpers. / aidigitalx

AI is getting a major upgrade this year. It’s like a fast-forward button has been pressed on technology. Things like chatbots, which can talk to you online, are about to get way smarter. They won’t just handle text but also pictures, videos, and even do things like solve tough math problems.

In a nutshell, 2024 is expected to bring big advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). Companies like OpenAI and Google are rapidly improving AI technology. This year, we’ll see AI getting much better at handling different types of information like images, videos, and text. Chatbots, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, will become smarter and more useful, even handling tasks involving pictures and videos.

What’s exciting is that AI will start reasoning more like humans. It’ll be better at solving complex problems, understanding subjects like math, computer programming, and even sciences. This means chatbots might assist us with more complicated tasks, acting almost like AI assistants. Imagine chatbots becoming like all-in-one assistants, not just chatting with you but also understanding images and videos, kind of like how we humans think and reason. They’re getting really good at it!

Tech companies are teaching AI how to handle a bunch of different stuff all at once, like images, sounds, and text. This will make chatbots more useful, but they might still goof up sometimes. The goal is to make them think more like us.


Speaking of thinking, AI is learning to solve more complicated problems step by step, almost like how we do it. That means they’re getting better at things like math, computer stuff, and even science.

But there’s a debate among experts about whether these AI systems really “think” or just mimic what they’ve seen online. Either way, they’re becoming more reliable and useful.

Soon, chatbots might become these cool AI agents, which are chatbots trained to use software and websites on our behalf. AI agents might help us with handling all sorts of tasks for us online, like managing schedules, analyzing data, or even doing office work. Eventually, they might even do things in the physical world, like helping out with robots! However, there’s a concern that they might also replace some jobs.

Talking about robots, they’re also getting smarter. They used to do the same task repeatedly, but now they’re learning to handle new and different tasks by looking at tons of videos. This means robots could do more complicated things, from folding laundry to working in warehouses.

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Kevin Land
Kevin Land

Kevin Land is an AI entrepreneur and writer. He explores the entrepreneurial side of AI development. Focuses on the challenges and rewards of AI startups.