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Big Media Companies and OpenAI in Legal Dispute Over News Use

Major media companies are discussing using their content for AI, but The New York Times sued OpenAI and Microsoft for using its content without permission. Negotiations are ongoing, but concerns about credibility and fair deals persist.
Media and AI Collaboration Talks
Media execs negotiate content rights with AI. / aidigitalx

The discussions held between prominent U.S. media companies and OpenAI regarding licensing content for AI product development were initially confidential. However, this matter went public due to The New York Times filing a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft.

The New York Times is upset with OpenAI and Microsoft, saying they used NYT content for AI without permission. But this lawsuit revealed something bigger: Many news giants were talking secretly with OpenAI.

Behind closed doors, The Times, Gannett, News Corp, IAC, and more were quietly discussing whether to let OpenAI use their news stuff. Microsoft, a big investor in OpenAI, was also in these talks, wanting fair deals with news giants.

Why all the fuss? Well, it’s all about letting AI companies use news to teach their systems to write like humans. It’s handy for making chatbots and other tech that can bring in money for these AI companies.


OpenAI says they respect content rights and have deals with others like The Associated Press. They’re positive about working together with news companies.

But here’s the catch: The media has been worried about giving away their valuable content too easily. They fear that AI might end up spreading wrong or misleading info, which could damage their credibility.

Some news teams, like The Associated Press, agreed to let OpenAI use their content. But others, like Bloomberg and The Washington Post, said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” They’re more interested in doing their own AI projects.

Despite this dispute, some see how AI could actually help in reporting. They believe that both sides need to figure things out, but it might take a while before they see eye to eye.

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