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Cleverbot – Everything you must know

Cleverbot, the AI chatterbot, utilizes machine learning to converse with humans. Created by British scientist Rollo Carpenter, it launched in October 2008. With over 150 million conversations held, Cleverbot is available as a web application, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app.


Cleverbot: Exploring the Fascinating Chatbot

In recent times, Cleverbot has gained immense popularity as a renowned chat platform featuring an AI-programmed robot that adapts its responses based on user input.

Established in 2006, Cleverbot has now ventured into a new realm by seamlessly integrating with Discord, thereby presenting users with a unique and versatile communication experience.

This comprehensive article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Cleverbot, the dedicated Discord bot.

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Unveiling the Rich History of Cleverbot

Despite its recent surge in popularity, Cleverbot boasts a captivating history that spans several decades.


It all began when Rollo Carpenter, a distinguished British scientist specializing in the development and study of artificial intelligence systems, created this remarkable project. Cleverbot’s predecessor, Jabberwacky, first emerged in 1997 but was eventually succeeded by the highly influential Cleverbot we know today.

Cleverbot has emerged as one of the most prominent chatbots in existence, marking a significant milestone as one of the pioneering AI systems that allowed users to engage in genuine conversations, devoid of pre-programmed responses. The intelligent bot has amassed over 150 million human interactions, showcasing its widespread influence and popularity.

Over time, Cleverbot’s systems have undergone continuous updates to enhance precision and human-like qualities. An essential principle of fuzzy logic underlies Cleverbot’s development—the more conversations the AI engages in, the greater its capacity to learn and improve.

In retrospect, engaging with Cleverbot several years ago would pale in comparison to its current capabilities, as the AI has made substantial advancements. The diligent Cleverbot development team is actively working on a new version of this human-like chat program, integrating advanced techniques such as machine learning to provide an even more realistic conversational experience.


The Human-Like Nature of Cleverbot


Interacting with Cleverbot is akin to conversing with the collective community of the internet, encompassing a blend of the awe-inspiring, humorous, and mundane. In fact, Carpenter has deemed it necessary to include a cautionary notice on the Cleverbot website, informing users that they are engaging with a repository of recycled ideas from around the world, thus advising caution when using the application.

However, assuming users can navigate the vast depths of internet chatter, an intriguing question arises: How does one effectively communicate with Cleverbot?

Users have three available alternatives when conversing with Cleverbot. By simply typing their message into the Google-like input box and clicking “Think About It!,” Cleverbot will read the message and generate a response. Users have ample time to craft their conversation with Cleverbot, as the AI will refer to previous statements made if users prompt it with “Think for Me.”

Moreover, users can revisit previous conversations by clicking “Thoughts So Far,” allowing them to explore the extensive history of their interaction with Cleverbot. Additionally, Cleverbot maintains a collection of amusing exchanges under the “cleverness” tab, showcasing the wit and humor it has shared with others.

It is worth noting that users, when aware of conversing with an artificial entity, may exhibit less cordiality and rationality. Cleverbot embodies the sum of its past interactions and often veers off-topic, demonstrating occasional unkindness. Despite these idiosyncrasies, the AI continues to captivate users with its evolving conversational abilities.

Discord Integration: Cleverbot Finds a New Home

The Cleverbot on Discord mirrors its online counterpart, as it remains the same chatbot. Discord integration offers the convenience of conversing with Cleverbot without the need to visit its website. Boasting millions of regular users, Discord stands as one of the most prominent communication platforms available.

On the Discord server, anyone can engage in conversations and review past messages, thanks to seamless integration. Cleverbot’s responses are generated using the Cleverbot API, assuring users that they are interacting with the genuine Cleverbot engine and not an inferior imitation.


Unveiling the Command List for Cleverbot on Discord

To ensure a smooth user experience, Cleverbot on Discord provides a range of commands, which include:

  • CB help: Offers a summary of all available commands.
  • CB ping: Provides the ping value, indicating internet latency (lower values denote better performance).
  • CB add: Adds Cleverbot to a designated Discord channel.
  • CB remove: Removes Cleverbot from a Discord channel.
  • CB invite: Invites Cleverbot to one of the user’s servers.
  • CB delete: Purges and deletes previous Cleverbot conversation logs.

Ensuring Safety While Using Cleverbot on Discord

Cleverbot maintains an illustrious and impeccable track record in terms of safety. It has never been associated with the propagation of viruses or malware. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Due to Cleverbot’s reliance on user-supplied information, it has been known to employ offensive language or engage in cursing in specific situations.

Users should exercise caution, particularly when interacting with Cleverbot in a manner that may elicit such responses.


Given this characteristic, it is advisable to avoid exposing younger audiences to Cleverbot’s conversations and refrain from sharing personal information during the dialogue. Cleverbot analyzes the data provided by users for subsequent learning objectives, making it essential to regard Cleverbot as a stranger with whom one would not willingly share personal information.

In terms of the Discord bot itself, no documented concerns regarding viruses or spyware have been reported, instilling confidence in users to install it without hesitation. For those seeking further reassurance regarding Discord bot safety, we recommend consulting our comprehensive post on bot security and safety.

In Conclusion

Cleverbot, the Discord bot, seamlessly delivers on its promise, allowing users and their server mates to engage with an intelligent chatbot that mimics human-like conversations and surprises with its humor and intellect. The installation process is effortless, making it accessible for users to experience Cleverbot’s capabilities on their preferred chat program. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this remarkable integration and delve into the realm of intelligent conversations with Cleverbot.


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