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Create Business-Safe Bots in Minutes with Bella AI, the Revolutionary AI Assistant Platform


Bella AI is a platform that uses Large Language Models (LLMs) to create customized AI assistants for businesses in just a few minutes. These AI assistants help increase employee productivity, improve customer engagement, and give businesses a competitive edge. Unlike standard LLMs, Bella AI can quickly and easily create customized assistants that fit specific business needs.

  • Safe and secure for businesses: Bella AI provides measures to make sure that conversations between employees and customers stay accurate and on-topic.
  • Simple to set up: With Bella AI’s easy-to-use conversational interface, anyone can create automated assistants in just a few seconds.
  • No coding required: Businesses can quickly try out and launch these generative AI experiences without the need for complex coding skills or lengthy installation processes.

Bella AI is a platform powered by AI and data from LivePerson, a well-known AI company that invented webchat for brands. LivePerson has a history of delivering trustworthy digital engagement, and Bella AI now offers these services to anyone. LivePerson has focused on leveraging LLMs (large language models) early on, allowing them to use generative AI to generate better business outcomes. Bella AI offers Enterprise-grade standards for digital engagement, making generative AI accessible to everyone. Bella AI is a self-service interface that provides safe experiences without gatekeepers. LivePerson’s CEO, Rob LoCascio, is excited to use Bella AI internally to increase productivity and sees it evolving into a vehicle for personalized AI assistance in everyday life.

Bella AI is being utilized by a wide range of organizations, from large enterprises to individuals. It has various early use cases such as:

  • Enterprises can safely experiment and implement generative AI using Bella AI. They can pilot the technology to showcase its potential to the organization and launch internal conversational programs that automate employee engagement to resolve common HR and IT inquiries.
  • Small businesses can use Bella AI to convert their existing customer-facing content such as PDFs and websites into a custom AI assistant. This will help them expand their outreach by providing natural and conversational interactions in a usage-based, no-risk model.
  • Individuals can create their own generative AI assistants within minutes using Bella AI. The platform is designed to provide enterprise-level safety and security, making it a trustworthy platform for creating personal AI assistants.

The company LivePerson has created an AI system called Bella AI which can help both businesses and non-profit organizations improve productivity while maintaining safety. Non-profit organizations can use Bella AI for free throughout 2023. In the future, Bella AI will have new features such as the ability to deploy AI assistants on different channels, user-friendly bot optimization, and using data to improve customer and employee experiences. For example, a marketer could use the AI assistant to get feedback on their campaign and suggestions for improvement, or a product owner could use it to identify and solve consumer issues.



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