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GPT-4: The Power of AI in Making Internet Forums and Social Networks Safe


GPT-4’s Role in Keeping Websites Safe

Artificial intelligence might soon start helping out as a kind of supervisor on websites, and GPT-4 is leading this new trend. GPT-4 is a really smart AI-based language model or computer program made by OpenAI. It could be used to watch over online places like forums and social networks to find bad stuff and make the websites better.

Usually, people have to look at lots and lots of stuff on the internet to find things that are harmful and take them away. This takes a long time and is tiring for people. But OpenAI thinks that GPT-4 can be used instead of people to do this job and make rules on websites change faster, going from months to hours.

There are some good things about using AI as a supervisor. GPT-4 can understand complicated rules and follow them really well, even when they change. For example, instead of people giving labels to things on the internet, GPT-4 can do it by itself. This helps people who check the rules to make them better.

But there are also problems when AI is used for this job. Some people who usually do this work might lose their jobs if AI does it. Even though AI can help the people who work on the websites, companies need to think about if it’s a good idea to use AI just to save money.

OpenAI says that people should still be involved in looking at what AI does, making sure it’s right, and making it better. When AI helps with some parts of the job, people can spend more time on tricky situations and making better rules.

Using AI to make websites safer is interesting, but we’re not sure yet how well it will work. AI needs to really understand the meaning of words and sentences, which is important to know if someone should stay on a website. As AI becomes a bigger part of websites, it will be cool to see how good it is at this job.

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Steve Rick
Steve Rick

Steve Rick is an AI researcher and author. He specializes in natural language processing(NLP). He published articles on the transformative power of AI.