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Your Job and AI: What’s Changing and What’s Staying

How Computers that Create Stuff (Generative AI) Might Change Our Jobs

Lately, people have been talking a lot about computers that can make things on their own. These computers, which we call generative AI, might be able to do around 60% to 70% of the tasks that people do every day. This might worry some people because they’re afraid they might lose their jobs. But there are also some good things about these AI tools.

Because of these new AI things, some people are feeling stressed out. They’re worried that these AI things might stop people from being creative and clever. A group that studies the world’s economy thinks that in the next five years, about 23% of jobs might change, and 14 million jobs might go away because of these AI things.

A big report from a company called McKinsey talks about how these AI things could do a lot of work for us. They could help with things like selling things, talking to customers, making computer programs, and doing research. It’s like they might give people back around 30% of their time to do other important stuff.

For people who use their brains a lot, like writers and scientists, these AI things could make their jobs easier. They might not have to do boring tasks as much. McKinsey says that these AI things will help people do their jobs better, not take away lots of jobs. People who work with computers, money, and managing things might get the most help from these AI things.

Also, some tests show that using these AI things, like one from Microsoft called GitHub Copilot, makes work go faster. People who make computer programs with this tool finish their work 56% quicker than those who don’t use it.

If we learn how to work with these new AI things and change the way we do things a bit, we could do really well. McKinsey thinks that these AI things could make lots of money for different industries, like maybe $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion.

To finish up, even though people are worried about these AI things taking jobs, they can actually be good. People who use their minds can have more time to do creative stuff, and industries can make lots of money from these AI things. If we learn how to use them and get better at it, we can have a successful job in the changing world.

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Adam Small
Adam Small

Adam Small is an experienced writer around the AI industry. Aiming to bridge the AI knowledge gap.