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Journey of Daniela Amodei, an Ethical AI Visionary

Her journey in AI began at OpenAI, where she played pivotal roles overseeing safety, policy, engineering, and human resources.
Journey of Daniela Amodei, an Ethical AI Visionary
Daniela Amodei

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Daniela Amodei, President, and co-founder of Anthropic, is a leading figure in the realm of artificial intelligence. Her dedication to creating dependable, understandable, and controllable AI systems marks a remarkable journey filled with accomplishments and recognitions.

Family and Vision

Working closely with her brother, Dario Amodei, co-founder, and CEO of Anthropic, Daniela shares a vision of ensuring AI systems are controllable, understandable, and trustworthy. Dario, holding degrees from Stanford and Princeton in Physics and BioPhysics, respectively, previously held key roles at OpenAI, overseeing the development of groundbreaking language models.

Education and Career Path

Daniela’s academic journey at the University of California, Santa Cruz, culminated in numerous honors and awards, showcasing her commitment to excellence. Her career kicked off at the IRIS Center, followed by roles at Conservation Through Public Health and in the political arena, before joining Stripe, where she demonstrated exceptional leadership and risk management skills.


Career Highlights at Stripe & OpenAI

At Stripe, Daniela played instrumental roles, significantly reducing loss rates and shaping risk policies. Subsequently, she joined OpenAI, leading technical teams as an Engineering Manager, VP of People, and VP of Safety and Policy, demonstrating her multifaceted expertise and leadership.

Co-founding Anthropic

In 2020, Daniela and Dario co-founded Anthropic, aiming to unravel the complexities of AI models. Anthropic’s mission is to advance fundamental research to build more capable, general, and reliable AI systems, making AI more beneficial for society.

Fundraising and Vision

Anthropic secured significant investments and aims for further growth, with prominent investors and a valuation of $4.1 billion. Their fundraising journey reflects their ambition to compete with established entities like OpenAI and expand across various industries.


Daniela Amodei has a diverse background in AI, transitioning through significant roles across various sectors. Starting in 2018, she joined OpenAI as the VP of Safety and Policy and later took on roles as an Engineering Manager and VP of People.

At the forefront of championing ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands Daniela Amodei, a visionary dedicated to shaping purposeful AI throughout her career. Recognized for her dedication and expertise, Daniela earned a place in Fast Company’s AI 20—a prestigious list acknowledging top minds in AI—and TIME’s 2023 list of Most Influential People in AI.


Her journey in AI began at OpenAI, where she played pivotal roles overseeing safety, policy, engineering, and human resources. This expertise led her to co-found Anthropic in 2020, underscoring her commitment to advancing AI safety and research. As Anthropic’s co-founder and president, Daniela doesn’t merely shape the AI landscape; she redefines it, placing a paramount focus on ethical AI applications in our daily lives.

Recognizing the urgency to address risks in generative AI, Daniela, as VP of safety and policy at OpenAI, co-founded Anthropic in 2021. Her aim was to create more transparent AI models producing ethical and bias-free outputs. At Anthropic, as President, she guides trust and safety research, leading the development of models like Claude, a chatbot similar to ChatGPT. Despite being less known, Anthropic raised $1.6 billion, focusing on making AI models more “helpful, honest, and harmless.” Daniela focuses on improving Claude’s relevance, curbing false information, and continually enhancing safety.


Acknowledging the recent surge in AI interest, Daniela, Anthropic’s co-founder, and president, notes the significant milestones achieved since February. The startup recently secured a groundbreaking $4 billion partnership with tech giant Amazon and amassed an impressive $2.8 billion in funding from tech leaders like SAP, Zoom, Google, among others. These milestones propelled Anthropic to a valuation of $4.1 billion, showcasing its growing influence and promising future.

Before her journey with Anthropic, Daniela, along with her brother Dario Amodei, played vital roles at OpenAI, a leading AI research organization. Their tenures—two and four years respectively—set the stage for their future endeavors.


At OpenAI, Daniela held key roles, displaying her expertise across various AI facets. She served as Vice President of Safety and Policy, overseeing technical safety and policy implementations, earning recognition within the company and the industry. Moreover, as Vice President of Research, Daniela played a crucial part in guiding the development of GPT-2 and GPT-3 language models, revolutionizing AI’s language interaction capabilities.


In a realm where many AI companies prioritize talk over action regarding safety, Amodei emphasizes a deeper commitment. Safety isn’t an afterthought for Anthropic; it’s a core value embedded in every research stage.

Anthropic employs a robust “Triple H” framework—helpful, honest, and harmless—guiding their practical research approach. This involves diverse inputs when assessing model outputs or implementing reinforcement learning. Their “constitutional AI” concept employs human-provided principles in training models to enhance transparency and ensure harmlessness, allowing AI systems to self-regulate with reduced human intervention.

When engaging investors and partners, Amodei highlights the market’s demand for trustworthy AI. She emphasizes that models producing safe, honest, and helpful outputs align not only with moral integrity but also with commercial success.

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