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South Korean Mobile Giant KT Commits $5.3 Billion to AI Investments by 2027

KT Korea Telecom

At a Glance

•South Korean mobile carrier KT is investing $5.3 billion in AI service research and development over the next five years.
•The company aims to surpass $764 million annual sales from AI businesses by 2025.
•KT’s vision is to become Korea’s premier AI company, offering customer-customized AI services.
•The company is expanding its AI applications beyond a single focus area, including robotics, AI care, and international expansion.
•KT is also committed to advancing education through AI with the “AI Future Education Platform.”
•With a substantial investment plan and a clear vision for the future, KT aims to secure a prominent position in the global AI landscape.

•KT is a major player in the AI industry and is committed to investing heavily in the technology.
•The company is focused on developing customer-centered AI services that can be used in a variety of industries.
•KT is also expanding its AI applications beyond a single focus area, such as robotics and AI care.
•The company is committed to advancing education through AI and is working on a platform that will provide personalized learning guidance.
•KT is well-positioned to become a leading player in the global AI landscape.

In the rapidly expanding landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), South Korean mobile carrier KT is positioning itself as a frontrunner in the industry. With a strategic plan to invest $5.3 billion (7 trillion won) over the next five years, KT aims to strengthen its AI service research and development. The company has set ambitious goals to surpass the $764 million annual sales mark from AI businesses by 2025. This article delves into KT’s investment strategy, its focus areas, and its vision for establishing itself as a leading customer-centered AI service provider.

KT’s Vision and Strategy:

During a press conference held at Novotel Ambassador Dongdaemun in Seoul, Song Jae-ho, Vice President of KT’s AI/DX Convergence Business Division, emphasized the company’s commitment to becoming Korea’s premier AI company. With a wealth of experience, capabilities, infrastructure, and know-how, KT aims to offer customer-customized AI services while enhancing its AI technology capabilities and infrastructure. The objective is to enhance the competitiveness of KT’s AI business and establish a solid foundation for future growth engines.

The Thriving AI Industry:

KT is not alone in recognizing the immense potential of the AI industry. Projections indicate that the sector could be worth an astonishing $15.7 trillion by 2030, attracting substantial investments from global business powerhouses. Major players such as Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, and Zoom have all made significant strides in AI development, reflecting the widespread recognition of AI as a transformative technology with vast business opportunities.

Expanding AI Applications:

KT’s foray into AI extends beyond a single focus area. The company is shifting its robotics arm toward a service-centered approach, aiming to lead market growth as an “AI robot service provider.” By leveraging a unique delivery system and robot platform, KT plans to expand its robotics lineup to include outdoor delivery robots, logistics robots for factories and distribution centers, and agricultural delivery robots.

In the field of AI care, KT is poised to launch a telecare service that utilizes AI technology to manage chronic diseases in daily life. A notable feature of this service is the “AI Food Tag” technology, which simplifies dietary habit recording and nutritional content analysis through a single photograph. Furthermore, KT will introduce the “Genie TV Care” service, extending AI care services to television and assisting vulnerable groups such as elderly individuals living alone.

International Expansion:

KT has its sights set on international expansion and collaboration. Through a partnership with Singapore’s leading telecom company, Singtel, KT aims to introduce an AI transportation platform, solidifying Singapore’s position as the logistical hub of East Asia. Additionally, KT plans to commercialize AI care services in Vietnam, with a specific focus on cancer patients and individuals with chronic diseases.

Advancing Education through AI:

To foster digital innovation in education, KT will boost its education initiative with the “AI Future Education Platform.” This platform automates task creation using digital learning tools and provides personalized learning guidance through AI. KT plans to introduce this platform in public education this year, with subsequent expansion to other regional education offices, thereby catalyzing digital transformation in the education field.

Securing a Prominent Position in the Global AI Landscape:

KT’s strategic moves underscore its dedication to advancing AI across various sectors. With a substantial investment plan and a clear vision for the future, KT aims to secure a prominent position in the global AI landscape. By capitalizing on its resources and expertise, the company is poised to become a customer-centered AI service provider while driving technological advancements and realizing the potential of AI in diverse industries.


South Korean mobile carrier KT has set forth an ambitious plan to invest $5.3 billion in AI service research and development, firmly establishing itself as a frontrunner in the industry. With a vision focused on customer-centered AI services, KT aims to enhance its AI technology capabilities, infrastructure, and competitiveness. As the AI industry continues to flourish, KT’s strategic moves position the company for significant growth and a leading role in shaping the future of AI.

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