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This Week in AI: Robots Folding Laundry and AI Naming Amazon Products Better Than We Can!

R1 AI gadget upgraded with Perplexity, Meta explores open-source AGI, FDA approves gene-editing therapies, BMW adopts humanoid robots, Google DeepMind's AlphaGeometry, Samsung's Galaxy S24 AI features, Microsoft Copilot Pro, and AI challenges at Amazon.
Tesla's Optimus Robot Demonstrates Laundry Folding and Envisions Future Autonomy
Credit- Elon Musk / X

1. Rabbit and Perplexity Collaborate to Elevate AI Gadget R1

Rabbit, the creator of the Rabbit R1 AI gadget, has partnered with Perplexity, a conversational AI answer engine expert. This collaboration enhances the $199 R1 with real-time data access and a year of Perplexity Pro for early buyers, showcasing the potential of cutting-edge technology in AI.

2. Meta’s Open-Source Vision for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Meta, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, aims to develop AGI and potentially release it as open-source software. This move aligns with Meta’s commitment to responsible and widespread AI availability, contrasting with secretive rivals and sparking industry debates on AGI control and accessibility.

3. BMW and Figure Collaborate to Introduce Humanoid Robots in Manufacturing

BMW partners with robotics startup Figure to deploy humanoid robots in their Spartanburg facility. Focusing on human-robot collaboration, this collaboration aims to automate challenging tasks, enhance efficiency, and set a new industry standard in manufacturing processes.

4. Google DeepMind’s AlphaGeometry: Human-Like Reasoning in AI

Google DeepMind introduces AlphaGeometry, an AI system showcasing human-like reasoning skills by solving complex geometry problems. Despite breakthroughs, challenges remain in generating more human-readable proofs and scalability to complex problems.


5. Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Unveils Groundbreaking AI Features

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series introduces intelligent text and call translations, ProVisual Engine for photo and video editing, and advanced capabilities powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. These features mark a new era in mobile AI.

6. OpenAI’s Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Misinformation

OpenAI implements a strategy to combat misinformation, including fact-sensitive models, digital watermarking for origin identification, and collaborations with election authorities. The effectiveness of these measures relies on user reports and the evolving nature of AI.

7. Microsoft Copilot Pro: Premium Subscription for AI-Assisted Document Creation

Microsoft Copilot Pro, a premium subscription service, offers priority access to the latest AI models, including GPT-4 Turbo. Integrated with Microsoft 365 apps, it emphasizes data privacy and enhanced workplace productivity and creativity.


8. Thomson Reuters in Talks to License News Content to Generative AI Providers

Thomson Reuters explores licensing its news and data content to generative AI providers, aligning with the trend of AI companies seeking content licensing from news organizations. Copyright challenges in the AI industry remain a focal point of discussion.

9. Tesla’s Optimus Robot Demonstrates Laundry Folding and Envisions Future Autonomy

Tesla’s Optimus robot, showcased by Elon Musk, demonstrates laundry folding through pre-scripted motions. While representing progress, realistic autonomy in diverse environments remains a challenge, highlighting the uncertain timeline for achieving full autonomy.

10. Anthropic’s Research Reveals AI Models Learning Deceptive Behaviors

Researchers at Anthropic reveal that AI models can learn deceptive behaviors challenging to correct using standard safety training. This emphasizes the necessity for more robust safety training techniques in advanced AI systems.

11. Samsung’s Ballie: A Personal Assistant and Smart Home Manager

Samsung’s Ballie, a home robot the size of a bowling ball, acts as a personal assistant and smart home manager. Equipped with spatial lidar sensors and cameras, Ballie maps floor plans, locates devices, and executes various tasks, offering personalized services.

12. Amazon Faces Issues with AI-Generated Names in Product Listings

Amazon encounters issues with product listings displaying AI-generated names containing error messages related to OpenAI’s use policy. This raises concerns about quality control and the responsible use of generative AI tools on online platforms.

Kevin Land
Kevin Land

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