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WorkStory and Armilla AI Revolutionize Resume Management

WorkStory and Armilla AI Revolutionize Resume Management
  • WorkStory, Inc. partners with Armilla AI to enhance VisualCV, its resume management solution, with generative AI capabilities.
  • The collaboration aims to upgrade VisualCV while ensuring it remains free from AI bias.
  • Armilla AI’s responsible AI platform, AutoAlign, eliminates biases from large language models (LLMs) and acts as a safety guardrail.
  • AutoAlign enables fine-tuning of LLMs for specific purposes, ensuring unbiased and intended messaging.
  • The enhanced VisualCV with generative AI capabilities is scheduled for release in the fall.

• WorkStory, Inc. collaborates with Armilla AI to upgrade VisualCV with generative AI.
• The partnership focuses on ensuring VisualCV remains unbiased and free from AI bias.
• Armilla AI's responsible AI platform, AutoAlign, fine-tunes LLMs and eliminates biases.
• VisualCV's generative AI feature aims to generate unbiased and positive resumes.
• WorkStory is working with Armilla to determine a cost model based on usage volume.

WorkStory, Inc., a leading provider of resume management solutions, has announced a partnership with Armilla AI, a responsible AI platform, to upgrade its flagship product, VisualCV, with generative AI capabilities. This strategic collaboration aims to take VisualCV to the next level while ensuring it remains free from AI bias.

As the demand for generative AI continues to rise, WorkStory recognized the need to enhance its resume-building platform with advanced AI capabilities. In their search for a reliable AI vendor, WorkStory discovered Armilla and its cutting-edge responsible AI platform.

Jade Bourelle, CEO and co-founder of WorkStory, expressed the company’s desire to find a partner with both experience and technological expertise. “This is the first time our company is building these capabilities into our product,” Bourelle stated. “We wanted a firm that had experience as well as technology to partner with us.”

Armilla AI, based in Toronto, has been assisting enterprises in testing AI model applications since 2019. In response to the growing prominence of generative AI, the company recently introduced AutoAlign on June 22, a web-based AI platform designed to eliminate biases from large language models (LLMs). AutoAlign achieves this by fine-tuning open source models like Meta Llama and acting as a safety guardrail for non-open source models such as GPT-3.5 or GPT-4, ensuring harmful prompts receive appropriate responses.

During a demonstration for TechTarget Editorial, Dan Adamson, CEO and co-founder of Armilla, showcased how an open model could be manipulated into providing instructions for creating dangerous substances. AutoAlign effectively prevents such instances, safeguarding enterprises from unintended consequences.

AutoAlign provides enterprises with the ability to fine-tune LLMs for bias, enabling them to compare different models against a set of controls and select the one that best aligns with their objectives. Adamson highlighted the platform’s power in ensuring the adoption of the right model for each use case, as some customers found better results when fine-tuning open-source models like Llama or RedPajama.

For WorkStory, AutoAlign’s capability to fine-tune LLMs for specific purposes proved highly appealing in the development of VisualCV’s generative AI feature. As Bourelle explained, “With that is also the added value [for us] to put guardrails in place. One of them being removing bias and being able to restrict things that the user shouldn’t be doing.”

Given that WorkStory assists organizations in updating employee resumes, it is crucial that the system generates resumes that reflect positively on the employees. By utilizing AutoAlign, WorkStory ensures that project descriptions or any other automated content generated by AI remains unbiased and aligns with the intended messaging.

Although there have been instances where customers either over or under-tuned the model, resulting in undesired outcomes, Bourelle expressed confidence in the technology’s continuous evolution. Adamson emphasized the importance of cautious application and aligning the system with the desired controls to mitigate potential errors.

Currently, WorkStory is working with Armilla to determine a cost model based on the resume company’s usage volume. The enhanced VisualCV with generative AI capabilities is slated for release in the fall.

About WorkStory, Inc.

WorkStory, Inc. is a Vancouver-based company specializing in resume management solutions. Its flagship product, VisualCV, empowers organizations to streamline the resume creation and management process effectively.

About Armilla AI

Armilla AI is a responsible AI platform headquartered in Toronto. The company focuses on developing innovative solutions that enable enterprises to test and align AI models with their specific requirements while mitigating bias and unintended consequences.

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