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How AI Helps Students: Asheville Schools Use ChatGPT

Asheville Schools Embrace AI Tool ChatGPT to Enhance Classroom Learning

Local schools in Asheville are using a special computer program called ChatGPT. This program is part of a kind of technology called artificial intelligence (AI). It helps students learn better in class. ChatGPT acts like a friendly talking robot that can answer questions and have conversations like a real person. Teachers are figuring out how to use this new AI tool in their teaching.

One person, Marietta Cameron, who is a professor at UNC Asheville, thinks ChatGPT is a good tool for classrooms. She says it’s like using computer programs to fix spelling mistakes or solve math problems. Cameron believes using ChatGPT in class can help students learn.

The U.S. Department of Education also thinks AI can make education better. They say teachers should be involved in using AI tools in class. AI can give students personal help and feedback, which can be really useful.

Even though the universities in North Carolina don’t have special rules for ChatGPT, UNC Asheville is helping teachers learn how to use it. They want to show how to use AI in a good and responsible way.

ChatGPT isn’t just for college; even kids in elementary and high school are thinking about using it. The schools in Asheville have a team that talks about how to use AI in education. They’re worried about being fair and using AI in a way that’s right.

Besides helping teachers, ChatGPT can also be fair. If students learn how to use it right, it can help everyone learn the same way. The schools in Buncombe County say students should use ChatGPT in an honest way and not copy from it.

Not many people have used ChatGPT, even though some grown-ups know about it. We’re still figuring out how helpful it can be. The schools in Asheville are excited to learn and grow along with their students as they use new tech in class.

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Steve Rick
Steve Rick

Steve Rick is an AI researcher and author. He specializes in natural language processing(NLP). He published articles on the transformative power of AI.