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Letting People Decide: Using AI in Business the Right Way

How AI Helps Businesses, But We Need to Be Careful

Generative AI has gotten a lot better in recent years, and this has gotten business bosses thinking about using it. But we need to be careful and think about what’s right when using this tech.

Daniel Pell, who’s in charge of Workday in the UK and Ireland, says we should let people be in charge when we use Generative AI. This isn’t just to stop unfair data, but also to make sure we have good rules from the start.

A big problem with Generative AI is that it might not be fair. The AI can copy the problems in the info it learned from. To fix this, Workday makes sure people are in charge, so they can make the final choices about the AI and how it learns.

If business bosses think about these problems and what’s right, they can use Generative AI in a good way. It’s really important to follow the rules and think about people when using this tech.

If companies do this, they’ll know if it’s smart to use Generative AI in their work. Always thinking about the rules and letting people be in control is the best way to use this tech the right way.

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Adam Small
Adam Small

Adam Small is an experienced writer around the AI industry. Aiming to bridge the AI knowledge gap.