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What OpenAI’s statement about their involvement with journalism means?

OpenAI helps news by using the internet for AI training. They aim to fix repeating info, disagree with The New York Times lawsuit, saying it's unfair, and hope for better collaboration with news organizations.
What OpenAI's statement about their involvement with journalism means?
OpenAI helps news but disagrees with NYT lawsuit, aims for fair collaboration. / aidigitalx

OpenAI helps journalists by teaming up with news groups and doesn’t agree with The New York Times’ legal action against them.

OpenAI said on Monday that We support journalism, partner with news organizations, and believe The New York Times lawsuit is without merit.

They aim to create AI tools that can solve big problems. Lots of people and big companies use their tech. They think the lawsuit is a chance to explain how they work.

Here’s a breakdown of what OpenAI’s statement about their involvement with journalism means:

  • They work with news groups to make things better for reporters.
  • Using info from the internet to train AI is allowed, but they let news sites say no.
  • Sometimes their AI repeats things by accident.
  • The New York Times is missing some details.

Helping Journalism

OpenAI works with news organizations to support them and create new opportunities. They collaborate with these organizations to make their technology useful for journalists, like helping analyze a lot of information quickly or translating stories. They’ve talked with lots of them to find ways to help and learn from each other. They’ve partnered with groups like the Associated Press to improve news stories.

Using Public Information

They train their AI models using publicly available internet content, which they believe is fair use. However, they’ve made it possible for news publishers to choose not to let their technology access their sites. Even though it’s legal, they give an option for sites to block their AI from using their stuff.

Avoiding Repetition Mistakes

Sometimes, their AI might repeat information it’s learned. OpenAI is working to fix this issue, making sure their technology doesn’t regurgitate information unintentionally. They also expect users to use their technology responsibly. They’re fixing this bug, but they also expect people to use their tech responsibly. They want their AI to learn from everything, not just news.

Issues with The New York Times

OpenAI says The New York Times isn’t showing the full story. They were in talks for a partnership, but the lawsuit surprised them. OpenAI claims that The New York Times might have purposefully tried to make their AI repeat old articles, and they’re making efforts to stop this kind of behavior. They say the Times’ articles didn’t have a big impact on how their AI learns.

OpenAI thinks the lawsuit isn’t right, but they want to work well with The New York Times and other news groups in the future. They’re focused on making AI tools that can help make better news.

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