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AI Detector – Text Validator Review (iOS and Mac)

AI Detector - Text Validator helps spot AI-written content in texts or PDFs. It gives a percentage indicating AI involvement and a detailed breakdown, exportable as a PDF. It's user-friendly and offers a free trial.
AI Detector - Text Validator Review (iOS and Mac) / aidigitalx
AI Detector – Text Validator Review (iOS and Mac) / aidigitalx

AI Detector – Text Validator offers a fascinating way to distinguish between texts generated by AI and those crafted by humans. This tool is designed to help users identify AI-generated content with ease. The app’s interface is user-friendly, making it simple to scan any text or import a PDF for quick analysis. It’s features include:

  • AI vs. Human Text Identification: Easily determine if a text has been authored by an AI or a human.
  • Simple Text Analysis: Scan any document or import a PDF to quickly analyze the text’s origin.
  • Percentage-based Evaluation: Get an overall result presented as a percentage (0-100%) indicating AI-generated content likelihood.
  • Detailed Paragraph Analysis: View a breakdown paragraph by paragraph, pinpointing where AI-generated content is detected.
  • Exportable Reports: Generate detailed reports in PDF format, convenient for sharing or saving for future reference.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Available as a mobile app, ensuring accessibility and ease of use on smartphones or tablets.
  • Free Trial: Explore the app’s functionalities with a free trial before considering in-app purchases for extended features.

Upon analysis, users receive an overall percentage indicating the likelihood that the text was written by an AI or a human. This percentage provides a clear indication of the text’s origin. Additionally, the tool offers a detailed breakdown, examining the text paragraph by paragraph. This breakdown highlights specific areas where AI-generated content is detected, allowing users to understand which parts of the text might have been crafted by AI technology.

One of the standout features of AI Detector – Text Validator is its ability to generate a comprehensive report that can be exported as a PDF. This report not only includes the overall percentage but also the paragraph-wise analysis. This makes it convenient for users to share the findings with others or save it for future reference.

The AI Detector – Text Validator is exclusively available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users through the App Store. This means if you’re using an Android device or a different operating system, you won’t be able to access this particular app.

The app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac users through the App Store, enhancing accessibility for users who prefer to utilize it on their smartphones or tablets. The pricing structure offers a free trial, enabling users to explore the functionalities before opting for in-app purchases.

Overall, AI Detector – Text Validator is a valuable tool for anyone curious about the origins of a text. Whether for academic, professional, or personal purposes, this app provides an insightful and detailed analysis, empowering users to differentiate between AI-generated and human-crafted content effortlessly.