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SaneBox Review: AI-powered email management tool

SaneBox, an email manager with AI smarts, sorts emails into folders, saving time. Customizable, it keeps important stuff visible. At $7/month, it's handy across devices for organized inboxes.
SaneBox Review: AI-powered email management tool / aidigitalx
SaneBox Review: AI-powered email management tool / aidigitalx

SaneBox is an invaluable tool for those overwhelmed by email chaos. Its intelligent filtering, customizable folders, and automation features bring a sense of order to your Inbox, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. The pricing is reasonable, and its availability across multiple platforms ensures you’re always in control of your emails.


  • AI Filters: SaneBox uses smart filters to automatically recognize and sort unimportant emails, keeping your Inbox tidy.
  • Custom Folders: Tailor-make folders to categorize emails according to your preferences, making it easy to locate specific types of emails.
  • Email Digest: Get daily summaries of sorted emails and other email activities, ensuring important info never slips through the cracks.
  • Advanced Organization: Automate tasks like delaying non-urgent emails, forwarding messages for future reference, and handling attachments in the cloud.

Key Features Explained:

  • AI-Powered Filters: These clever filters intelligently move less important emails out of your Inbox, saving you time.
  • Personalized Folders: Create custom folders to neatly organize emails based on criteria important to you, like newsletters or CC’d emails.
  • Daily Email Digest: Stay updated on your email activities through a daily digest, so you’re always in the loop without drowning in emails.
  • Automated Organization: Save time by automating tasks like postponing less urgent emails or managing attachments effortlessly.

Pricing and Platforms:

  • Pricing: Offers a free trial and plans starting at $7/month.
  • Platforms: Available across various platforms including Integrations/Plugins, Mobile App, and Web for convenience.