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The Unique Approach to Developing AI Software Compared to Traditional Methods

The Unique Approach to Developing AI Software Compared to Traditional Methods

Artificial intelligence (AI) software making is different from the way regular software is made. In regular software, you have to follow strict rules and meet the needs of the customer or the system. But with AI, it’s more like an experiment. You can change things as you go along, based on how things turn out. This is different from having a fixed plan from the start. So, when making AI, it’s important to make it in a way that you can change things easily without having to start all over again.

The Way We Build Artificial Intelligence Programs vs. Regular Ones

When making AI, the code used has two special things about it: it can have math errors and it’s like an experiment. Sometimes, even if the code is right, it can be hard to figure out if there are mistakes in the math. This is especially true when the AI is using chance or randomness to make decisions. Things like the starting conditions or random factors can really affect the final results.

Now, there’s something called “MLOps, or Machine Learning Operations,” which is about using and taking care of AI models that learn from data. It’s like a mix of three things: learning from data, making sure everything works well, and dealing with data. The process of MLOps has a few steps: getting the data ready, deciding what things the AI should learn from the data, making the AI learn and improve, checking how good the AI is, putting the AI into action, and keeping an eye on how the AI is doing.

MLOps has some special things that are important:

  • Keeping track of different versions of the code, data, and AI models helps make sure you can see what changed and when.
  • Always updating and improving the AI helps keep it working well.
  • Watching how the AI performs and trying different things can help make it better.
  • Handling the special features that the AI uses can be tricky because they need to be just right.
  • Checking on the AI when it’s being used helps find and fix problems like bad data or the AI not working as expected.

In short, making AI software is different because it’s like an experiment. MLOps is a way to take care of AI that learns from data, and it needs special attention to things like tracking changes, keeping the AI updated, improving it, and watching how it behaves when it’s being used.

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Adam Small
Adam Small

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